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Root Canal Treatment at Our Ellicott City Office

Root canals and extractions are much different for children than for adults. That's why it's so important to see your Front Row pediatric dentist for these services. We have undergone specialized training to perform these services with a sole focus on children.

These can be scary procedures for little ones, but with Front Row you can expect the kind of care and comfort you and your child needs.

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Root Canals

If tooth decay goes down to the nerve of the tooth, or if there is a severe injury to a tooth, then a root canal is needed.  For baby teeth, it is different from a root canal treatment that is done for permanent teeth.  Only the infected part of the tooth is cleaned up and a soothing medicine is put into the area.  This helps maintain the baby tooth until it is time for the permanent tooth underneath to come in.


There are many reasons why a baby tooth might need to be extracted or taken out.  It might be that the tooth is damaged beyond repair with a filling, root canal, or crown.  It might also be that there is an extra permanent tooth or maybe the new permanent tooth is having trouble coming in.  Sometimes the baby tooth just doesn't want to let go even though it is time for it to fall out.  Whatever the reason, we will be sure to tell you all about the procedure, explain the process, and then, when you are ready, we do the required treatment ensuring both you and your child are comfortable.


Common Questions

Root Canal & Extractions FAQs

When there is trauma to the tooth and especially if the tooth is broken down to the nerve of the tooth, then a root canal is needed. Root canals are also needed when decay has gone down into the center of the tooth where the nerve is. For baby teeth a procedure called a pulpotomy is typically recommended where the infected portion of the tooth is removed and a calming medication is put into the tooth.

Insurance may help with the cost of a root canal and there are also third party lenders like Care Credit™ that can help create a payment plan that works for your budget.

Soft foods are beneficial after a root canal. Stay away from hard, sticky, or crunchy foods until the tooth feels better.

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